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Year 10-12 Parent Teacher Evening

Tuesday 13 June 2023, 3.30pm – 7:30pm

Dear Parent / Carers,

Year 10 - 12 Parent Teacher Evening

Parent Teacher evening is an opportunity for our families to have supportive conversations with our dynamic educators regarding your child’s progress, achievements and areas of growth.

Year 10-12 students will receive their reports on Friday 9 June.

Year 10-12 Parent Teacher evening will be held on Tuesday 13 June, 3.30pm - 7.30pm in the hall and the library.


Faculties located in the Hall

Faculties located in the Library






Learning & Support

Secondary Studies




Special Education

Creative and Performing Arts

Booking an appointment – new process

Families will have received an email with a unique key ID to access the Sentral portal through the App Store. Families will have an opportunity to book a 10-minute appointment through the Parental portal on Sentral. The Parental Portal through Sentral will be open for the period 22/5 - 12/6 to allow families o book appointments with teachers.

It is important that we are mindful of the appointment time slots to allow our teachers to remain on schedule for their appointments. If you require a longer appointment or are unable to book an appointment, please contact the school on 9602 4320. It is important parental contact details are up to date. If changes are necessary, please communicate this with our office.

We look forward to having conversations on how we as a team can support your child in growing and achieving their educational outcomes.


Mr Gareth Smith


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