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Technological and applied studies

Technological and applied studies (TAS) is mandatory for all students in Year 7 and 8. Students can also select from a range of elective TAS subjects.

In TAS, students develop knowledge, understanding and skills through a design and production process using a range of tools, materials and techniques in theory and practical lessons.

The continuum of technology learning is:

  • mandated from Kindergarten to Year 8 through Science and Technology K-6 and Technology Mandatory Years 7-8 syllabuses
  • based on students becoming increasingly sophisticated in their ability to apply knowledge, skills and understanding to design and produce solutions
  • optional for student specialisation in high school through a range of syllabuses addressing particular technologies and aspects of design.

Available courses include:

  • Technology Mandatory Years 7-8
  • Agricultural Technology Years 7-10
  • Design and Technology Years 7-10
  • Food Technology Years 7-10
  • Graphics Technology Years 7-10
  • Industrial Technology Years 7-10
  • Information and Software Technology Years 7-10
  • Textiles Technology Years 7-10
  • Agriculture Stage 6
  • Design and Technology Stage 6
  • Engineering Studies Stage 6
  • Food Technology Stage 6
  • Industrial Technology Stage 6
  • Information Processes and Technology Stage 6
  • Software Design and Development Stage 6
  • Textiles and Design Stage 6.

Technology and Applied Studies (TAS) Faculty offers a range of subjects from years 7 through to 12.

In years 7 and 8 Technology is a mandatory subject that offers many interesting projects. This subject is hands on and project based. Students design and create many different and exciting project ideas in the kitchens, wood workshops and textiles rooms. Students get opportunities to work with and use composite materials such as fabrics, timber, metal, plastic and different types of food recipes. TAS subjects are fun and exciting.

At the end of year 8 students can choose to do Information & Software Technology (IST), Graphics Technology, Timber Technology and Food Technology subjects for years 9 and 10.

In years 11 and 12, TAS faculty offers Hospitality (VET), Exploring Early Childhood, Community and Family Studies (CAFS), Industrial Technology Graphics, Timber and Multimedia subjects.

Students doing TAS subjects have excellent opportunities to enroll in Universities and TAFE programs such as: - Engineering, Computers, Architecture, Surveying, Aeronautics, Building, Cabinet Making, Landscaping and Interior and Exterior Designs.