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Casula High School is proud of the library space and services that it offers to our students and wider community. The Library is a space that is flexible and supported by a dynamic collection and specialist staff.

Staff and students can access an increasing range of online platforms including Oliver and Wheeler e-books and audiobooks.

Oliver Library

Oliver library

Oliver Library

Casula High School uses Oliver as our library management system. Students can access Oliver and browse the books on offer in the Library through their student portal.

They can also customise their search by using terms related to title, author, subject, series and genre. 

E-books and audiobooks

E-books and audiobooks

Wheelers e-Books and Audiobooks

Students can now use their own devices to download and read over 2,000 e-books and audiobooks through ePlatform by wheelers books. Using ePlatform, students can borrow any book for up to 2 weeks, after which the book will return automatically. If they finish a book before that time, or don’t wish to continue reading a book for any particular reason, they can also return it earlier and select another.

You will need to use your Department of Education ID to access these resources.

You can browse ePlatform by:

·       Going to

·       Downloading the ePlatform app and finding Casula High School in the available libraries.

·       Explore and searching Oliver through your student portal.