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Learning support

The Instructional Literacy Leader has a strong understanding of effective classroom practice and strategies in literacy and numeracy learning. Having an Instructional Leader at Casula High School enables the building of staff capacity through the collaborative evaluation of teaching and its effect on student learning. The Instructional Leader clearly communicates expectations and targets for student learning and aligns strategies and resources for the successful achievement of student learning outcomes.

Initiatives embedded at Casula High School to ensure students successfully achieve student learning outcomes include:

Walls That Teach

  • SOLE (Self Organised Learning Environments), students work in groups and use the internet to collaborate and solve problems.
  • Formative Assessment includes the continual monitoring of student progress which enables teachers to identify if students are meeting outcomes in real time.
  • PBL (Project Based Learning) is where students actively explore real-world problems and challenges to acquire deeper knowledge.


Learning Intention Whiteboards
Focus on Metacognitive Strategies