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Special Education

The Special Education faculty at Casula High School has 4 classes - IM , IO , and 2 Autism classes. Each class has a teacher and an SLSO (support teacher) at any one time. The faculty caters for all key learning areas with the Life Skills Program embedded into these programs.

Students also attend some mainstream subjects taught by mainstream teachers so that students can access specialised teachers and rooms. The Special Education faculty is well integrated in the school for all extracurricular activities for their year group.

Students in the Special Education program take part in project based learning. Here students create projects and focus their learning around one central theme. These themes have included photography, a mural project, claymation and a writer's workshop.

Students also have technology embedded into their learning with the use of iPads and interactive whiteboard lessons.

Students also take part in many sporting events such as yoga and integrated movement.

Our Creative Learning Hub enables open classroom learning strategies and multi-functional educational spaces for the whole school community.