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In year 7 students can learn skills using a range of instruments including acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards and pianos, ukuleles, drums and digital music creators like GarageBand.

Our school choir has performed at schools, business and charity events in the local area. Our vocalists regularly perform in front of the entire school and develop their performance talents.

Many of our students have entered regional and State wide talent identification programs with many chosen to perform at functions like the Secondary Schools conference.

Students can also become active members of our stage team helping with sound equipment, lighting and setting up our performance hall. 

Students can be a part of various bands within the school and work with their friends to develop their talents and practice their performances.

All year 7 and 8 students study music at Casula High School. They have the option to continue their education in music by choosing it as an elective in years 9-12.

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