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Gifted and Talented

All teachers at Casula High School have been trained in differentiation of the curriculum and their teaching programs. This means that all teachers extend and enrich their programs where student require this challenge.

Our gifted and talented program at Casula High School has given many of our students greater opportunities, some of these have included:

  • Over 160 entrants in the International Centre for Assessment in Schools (ICAS) English and Mathematics competition. The results were used to identify and confirm gifted and talented students.
  • Students participated in the University of Wollongong Learning Labs during the July school holidays to experience university life with like-minded peers who have also been excelling in their chosen field.
  • A compacted curriculum in year 10 Science allowing student acceleration in HSC Biology.
  • Python (coding) Challenge - computer coding challenges. All students thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and with achievements ranging from credits to high distinctions.
  • Robotics - Casula High School is in partnership with Macquarie University for a robotics program through the Mathematics faculty. Students from each year group volunteered to participate in the program which developed skills including problem solving, engineering and team work.
  • Geogebra - Students from some of our feeder schools participated in an eight week course, with a four week robotics and a four week Geogebra rotation. Students used Geogebra software to investigate the circle geometry of Euler and the generation of fractules. Students reported an increased appreciation of the complexity and usefulness of mathematics.

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